Frequently Asked Questions About Bildsy

Curious about what to expect when using Bildsy as a homeowner or as a professional? Read some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from people just like you! Get insights about using Bildsy, whether you are a homeowner with a renovation project on the horizon or a professional looking to join the Bildsy network.

Frequently Asked Questions From Homeowners

When you submit your project on Bildsy, you’ll include your projected budget, timeline, and other project details. Once professionals have placed bids and you’ve selected one, you’ll work directly with the professional of your choice to draft the contract, including final budget projections. By setting a budget and including an agreed-upon price in a contract, everyone will be aware of your budget throughout the process and can work to ensure that the budget is followed!

The list is long, so buckle up! Bildsy networks with general contractors, painters, roofers, bricklayers, HVAC technicians, landscapers, interior designers, electricians, plumbers, countertop installers, flooring experts, and so much more! We review and accept professional tradespeople from a variety of remodeling and renovation backgrounds, so that homeowners can get the help they need from an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions From Professionals

Other sites typically charge per bid, even when the bid falls through. We’ve learned from experience that this method usually wastes time and increases expenses. With a predictable monthly fee, Bildsy offers quality bid prospects with limited bidders (no more than 3 per project), helping make better quality bids for relevant projects. Our subscription fee model means you can always predict the monthly cost of using Bildsy, since there are no surprise charges or extra fees for more bids.